Cats do some pretty weird things. If you own a cat, you'll probably understand some of these.

1. Cats have absolutely no concept of personal space

via Instagram: @kevinkittycat

2. Cats find your single most expensive piece of furniture and scratch it up

via Instagram: @kevinkittycat

3. Cats want attention but don't want attention at the same time


4. Cats sleep all the time except when you are

via Instagram: @anthonyburchett

5. Even if Cats don't like the food your eating, they have to sniff/lick it

via Instagram: @akwgmzlj

6. Cats may seem small, but they can take up as much space as a human

via Instagram: @lironatias7

7. Your cat will sit on something instead of sitting on the open space

via Instagram: @casperselfies

8. Your cat's ultimate goal is to get all the litter out of the box and onto the floor

via Twitter: @Noah_Hummus

9. Your cat will kill the gross and scary insects for you

via Twitter: @NicaLoove 

10. Forget the toys, Cats love boxes and paper bags

via Twitter: @cryingbaseball

11. Cats cover their eyes when its too bright but they want to sleep

via Instagram: @casperselfies


Hope you enjoyed. Maybe even share it with your friends if you did :)

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