So you call yourself a Cat Lover, but are you a Cat Expert? We're willing to bet you don't know at least SOME of these facts. Become a Cat Expert and check out the facts below!


1. In 1879, cats were used to deliver mail in Belgium. Surprisingly, it was unsuccessful.

2. The first ever in-flight radio transmission was, "Roy, come get this goddamn cat."

3. Many shelters won't allow black cats to be adopted around Halloween, for fear that they may be sacrificed or tortured. 

4. A physicist made his cat the co-author of a paper because he'd accidentally written "we" instead of "I" throughout the paper and didn't feel like changing it.

5. Whenever a cat slowly closes its eyes and opens them again or winks at you, that means they trust you and recognize you as a friend.

6. Cats bring you dead animals to show you that they can survive on their own.

7. The Guinness World Records stopped awarding the fattest cats/any animal to discourage deliberate overfeeding.

8. Freddie Mercury released a solo album in 1985 that was dedicated "to my cat Jerry, also Tom, Oscar, and Tiffany and all the cat lovers across the universe - screw everybody else."

9. At night, Disneyland becomes overrun by stray cats. Disney embraces them because they keep the mouse population in check. They also treat them like pets, spaying and neutering them and giving them shots.

10. A cat named Masha saved a baby's life. The long-haired red tabby found an abandoned baby in a box in the snow. She climbed in to keep the baby warm and meowed to get the attention of a passerby.


Now you can officially call yourself a Cat Expert! Share it with your friends and see if they know any of these facts.

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