1. Your cat runs up to the door and greets you when you get home or when you get out of bed. Cats express their feelings physically, so if they are happy, you'll see their tail stick up as well as having erect ears. They'll also rub up against you.

2. Your cat is vocal. Cats making noise in general is a good sign but especially if they are high pitched noises. If it is low pitched, it can mean they are upset or frustrated with something. 

3. Your cat lies on its back. Also, a happy cat will sit with its feet underneath its body, front paws tucked in and eyes half closed. This means the cat feels safe and doesn't need to be on high alert.

4. Your cat kneads your lap with its paws. Kneading is a good sign of a happy cat as well if they curl up on your lap and make a nest.

5. They have a good appetite. They will normally ask you for food by rubbing your legs or meowing and vocally leading you to their food bowl. They're telling you that they know you are the one who takes care of them. This shows a sign of a trust and happiness.

6. They give you presents. This is a real sign your cat loves you and is happy. It might be kind of frightening to find a dead mouse on your doorstep but this is an ultimate sign of trust. They are showing you their hard earned bounty as well as showing they love you.

7. They sleep in a social way. When your cat is unhappy, it will hide and sleep by itself. Happy cats sleep less and also choose their sleeping location carefully. A happy cat will choose to sleep with other cats or you!

8. They keep themselves groomed. Cats will groom themselves and keep themselves clean when they are happy. They can also groom other cats or even their owner to show signs of love. If they are unhappy, their appearance will become more scruffy and you can see they are unhappy.

9. They are playful. Older cats don't want to play as much, but they will still have a sense a fun and will want to interact with the owner. They will sometimes lay on their side and twitch their tail. Whatever you and your cat play with, make sure their is some interaction because that is what they really love.

10. They are confident. Your cat should be naturally curious about the world and be confident at the same time. They will be showing interest in everything, even if they are just sitting still and watching. A confident and happy cat will have its head up, have a good appetite and be interested in everything.

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